Control a Windows Machine with an OS X Machine
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Fast and easy way to VNC/remote desktop/screenshare with my mother-in-law's computer? I just need to tick off a few settings. I have OS X, she has Windows 7.

I'm trying to assist my mother-in-law with some troubleshooting, and it would be great if I could just take control of her mouse and click where I need to click. I told her I'm going to do some research and call her back in 30 minutes.

I just want to control her computer with mine. We live a few hundred miles apart. She's able to access the internet. My machine runs OS X, and hers is running Windows 7.

Suggestions for an easy way to do this? I tried searching under the VNC tag but nothing there was particularly helpful. Bonus points for simplicity.
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Oftentimes, I just use LogMeIn for this, as it's pretty easy to install and setup and uninstall on the client's end.
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TeamViewer - the simplest way to get screensharing up on two computer when you can't be there do it yourself. She would only have to download the small TeamViewer QuickSupport module ("For the Instant Customer ..." on the linked page. No installation is required and she can rerun it off her desktop or wherever, whenever you want to setup a sharing session. Since each of you initiates an outgoing contact to the TV servers, there are no issues with routers and firewalls.
One thing to know: at least with a helpee on OS-X, TV launches Safari and presents a promo when the session is over. I don't know whether something similar happens on a helpee's Windows machine. I just remind my helpee, before we terminate the session, to expect it.
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Had her up and running in about 90 seconds after you posted that answer. Thanks, TruncatedTiller, that was great.
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I have used crossloop many time to assist remote family members with thier computer problems. They have a Mac client ans well as a PC.
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I think Skype does this. I've done it from Mac to Mac, I don't know about Mac to PC.
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