Curry leaves everywhere!
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What can I do with a bag of fresh curry leaves?

I needed about 5 fresh curry leaves for a recipe, but my local Indian grocery only sells them in big bags... it wasn't expensive, but I don't want to waste them all if I don't have to, and Wikipedia says they don't keep well in the fridge. I've never cooked with them before! What can I do with them?
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Dry them out, and crush them into a powder with a mortar and pestle to make curry powder. Store them in an air-tight container to keep them dry and they'll last longer, so if you have any recipes that call for curry powder you can use that.
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My South-Asian housemate freezes her curry leaves whole and pulls them out as needed.
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Biochemist, curry powder isn't made from curry leaves, it's a blend of spices (usually things like turmeric, cumin, coriander, cardamom, but tons of variety).

Some curry powders might contain dried curry leaf, I suppose, but usually curry leaf is used fresh (yes, in curries, but not in place of curry powder).
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I had good success with freezing the bag in a ziploc. Not quite as good as fresh but still decent.
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Rinse, pat dry, separate leaves from stems, freeze in ziploc.
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At my local Indian stores they come frozen, and they work fine.
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I keep mine in the freezer, double-bagged in ziplocks. Once they've been frozen you'll need about 4 for every 3 of the fresh ones.

They're also amazing in bread. (Although, when I looked at this recipe, I thought there was too much flour in it for the other ingredients. I just put the curry leaves and other spices in a bread recipe I already had made before.)
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Nthing freezing. They freeze great!
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Definitely freeze. They work well in South Indian curries, dhals, sambars and so on. Also they're used pretty widely in Malaysian curries of Indian origin. They go very well with flavours like chilli, coconut, lime, etc.
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Never cooked with them before? You can use them like other leaves: put in the food while cooking, use for flavor. I recently had pongal made with a recipe like this one, but my friend cooks it with curry leaves in addition to the spices named here.
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Sometimes I've found that freezing makes them go black. My solution is to let them dry (hang them up somewhere with good ventilation for about 5 days) and freeze them after that.
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Cabbage poriyal while they're fresh. Excellent.

When they've dried out (which happens over time in my fridge) I crumble them into uncooked dal in the pressure cooker, then cook dal as normal. Some good pressure cooker dal recipes here.
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They go very well with flavours like chilli, coconut, lime, etc.

And mustard seeds.
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Based on what I've read, drying curry leaves is reportedly not effective (like basil and cilantro, so much flavor is lost during drying that there's no point) but they freeze pretty well. Don't thaw before use — just pull out of the freezer and toss into the dish (stand back if you're putting them into hot oil, because they spit & splatter worse than black mustard seed does).

If you want recipes to help use 'em up, I'd be glad to post my favorite dal recipe, which is just not the same without curry leaves in the tarka. (Now I'm hungry. Glad I was already planning to have dal for dinner.)
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