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Looking for mindblowing podcasts.

I am wondering what new podcasts are out that are in the category: "Mindblowing." Things that amaze, inspire, or make you reflect. Basically looking for stuff that isn't a just a person or two rambling on for several minutes (I have a ton of those...they have their own appeal but are not "mindblowing.")

To give you an idea, things I've listened to that seem to fall into this category: Ted Talks, Tobolowsky Files, the Moth, This American Life, Radiolab.

Would love your recommendations. I'm looking for stuff that will stun me, not just make me go "ooh, that's kinda neat." Tall order, I know. Just want to know if I'm missing any other podcasts out there.

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dude... The Psychedelic Salon
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Response by poster: I should make it clear, the podcasts I mentioned above DID blow my mind. They were definitely NOT in in the rambly category.

Sorry for the confusion...haven't had my coffee yet.
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I really like "The Age of Persuasion" from cbc. Actually several from cbc are excellent "Ideas" and "White Coat Black Art" are often worth listening to.
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Infinite Monkey Cage (May qualify as rambly, but try it out for size)

Irregularly released and/or discontinued, but still interesting:

Stephen Fry's podcast
The James Randi Show
A Guide to Visitors (like The Moth)
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Surely Stuff To Blow Your Mind needs to be mentioned here.
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Don't get too fond of "Infinite Monkey Cage". They haven't updated in a while.
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if you are into contemporary art at all then check out Bad at Sports. They interview someone new each week, often an artist or art world impresario. Depending on the week's guest, it can be very insightful. I recommend starting with Michelle Grabner or David Robbins.
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You will enjoy In Our Time, with Melvyn Bragg. One Topic ("Free Will"), Three Experts (almost always British academics), One Melvyn Bragg. It will be the snappiest forty minutes of your week.
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From the podcasts you listed, I think we have similar tastes. Haven't listened to Tobolowsky Files, but I'll put that on my list.

1. nthing In Our Time.

2. Must mention one of my favorites To The Best of Our Knowledge from Wisconsin Public Radio. FANTASTIC. When it's good, it's even better than RadioLab.

3. KCRW's Bookworm is a great series too. Interviews with authors, but really, really good interviews. This guy just lives literature.

4. Joe Frank isn't available via download, but if you stream WNYC at 11pm EST Sundays you can hear him. His is more of a storytelling podcast, but honestly, trying to compare it with anything is a fool's errand. This podcast definitely qualifies as mind blowing.

5. Being & Selected Shorts are also worth a listen. Variable quality, but great when they're great.
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The Memory Palace is pretty good. The episodes are short, and oftentimes very interesting. I listened to Secret Kitty today about the first cold war kitty spy.
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Response by poster: Thank you soooooooo much, mefites who've responded thus far.

It's funny there is actually a podcast literally called "Stuff to blow your mind." Didn't think of googling my actual question!

I'm going to check all these out!

MaddyRex, I'm pretty excited about your list. I've heard of some of "To the Best of Our Knowledge." What I've heard is pretty good. (FYI, the Tobolowsky Files might be the single most amazing group of stories I've ever listened to. There are maybe three or four "okay" episodes, but the remaining forty or so are absolutely incredible, entertaining, and poignant. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!)
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Pull the wool over your own eyes and make like a SubGenius!

The Hour of Slack

Audio collages, "Bob" rants, DEVO covers and High Wierdness by Internet. (Blows my mind at least once a week)
Also "Bob"'s Funtime Slackhouse which features the spectacular audio editing of Susie The Floozie

Both are available on iTunes via WREK.

Praise "Bob"!
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I realize this isn't really in line with most of the recommendations but I really enjoy the Steve Dahl Podcast. He's an old Chicago radio personality that now does a podcast from his basement. Give it a few episodes and see if you enjoy it. He's a real character just talks about his life. In many ways his show is like the first hour of the Stern show. He comes from the same era and considers himself a predecessor of Howard.
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NPR's How to Do Everything is a little bit mind-blowing and very much consistently amusing.
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Mike and Tom Eat Snacks will only blow your mind if you want to max out on absurdity in the context of two guys talking about stuff you buy in a convenience store. I am telling you the absurdity level is pegged to the point where a proper descriptor might even be forced to place an extra 'x' in max. Michael Ian Black didn't get to the king of twitter comedy for nothing and he brought along his friend from the Ed days.
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I love Freakonomics.
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