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Has anyone in the New York (Brooklyn) area ever used a food delivery service for dieting?

I've read about programs that cook healthy meals and deliver once a week or even daily, but I'm curious if they were ever worth it - and I don't necessarily mean monetarily. Its something I've thought about and worry that my few diet restrictions (allergies, non meat eater) would make it a frustrating expense.

Let me know if you have any thoughts and suggestions! Thanks
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Well, this isn't exactly what you're referring to, I don't think, but Fresh Direct sells prepared meals that it ships to people. Some of these meals are fairly healthy and could be used by a dieter. All their meals are frozen.
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Nu-Kitchen doesn't exist anymore, but I think Fresh Diet has filled their niche. I haven't used them, but I remember Nu-Kitchen was pretty good about trying to meet your needs. You could fill out a questionnaire of foods you didn't like and other dietary restrictions. I think there were three meal options to choose from. I thought it was really expensive, but it was okay for a short time when I was really busy and had some extra cash.
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"Trying out Delivered Diet Meals" - New York Times article from last year - After online searches and conversations with friends, I decided to compare the offerings of four companies: Zone Manhattan, Chefs Diet, Nu-Kitchen and eDiets. All four would deliver the meals to my door in Brooklyn. Three deliver daily, while the fourth, eDiets, sends a large package once a week. - May 2010
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FYI, the FreshDirect meals have pretty small portions, too, which might be helpful. (And they're reasonably good.)
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