Name that Polish mead
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I had a bottle of mead several years ago that I haven't been able to find since, and wondered if anybody could help identify it.

I'm almost certain it was Polish. It came in a distinctive brown and (somewhat) bulb-shaped bottle, with a long neck that had white cord wrapped around it. I'm pretty sure it had some sort of red wax seal (either on the cork or where the cord ended in front), and the name may have began with 'W'. If it matters, I bought it in Michigan, in 2003-06.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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Are you sure it was cord and not wicker? Other pictures show a red wax seal on the neck. It doesn't start with a W though (Jadwiga).
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Not wicker - it was a white cord, roughly the shape and general texture of the cotton clothesline one might see at a grocery store. Thin white cotton rope. Also, if I search google images for "Jadwiga mead", none of the bottles in the results look familiar. Thanks, though.
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reddot: Nope. Not 100% it wasn't Lithuanian, but I am sure it had white rope/cord wrapped around the neck, and I'm pretty sure the bottle had brown glass.
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How about this?
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jedicus: The label doesn't look right, but that's exactly what the bottle & cord looked like. Is that packaging associated with a general style of mead?

I'm sorry I don't remember more details about the label, but, getting close!
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Following jedicus' lead, I first stumbled on this blog detailing various Polish mead labels, but none seemed to match the description.

However that same search on "koronnymilejow" also lead to me finding this thread, on which about half way down shows this bottle of Wawel (the image might not load properly unless you visit the forum). I think that's the one you're looking for...coincidentally enough its right above copy of the pic that jedicus linked....looks like the same company.
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Can't find a pic right now but this sounds like Piast.
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samsara: That looks like it, thanks! Not 100% sure about the name, but if that *isn't* it, it definitely comes from the same meadery.
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I have not yet successfully found another bottle (and a friend went looking at a really gigantic wine market out of state), but I'm pretty sure samsara is pointing in the right direction. Thanks all.
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Sure thing. The label on that Wawa image is torn, but the company that makes it is "Milejów of Poland" if that helps. Good luck!
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