Great family dentist in Tulsa?
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Do you know great family/kid-friendly dentists in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

We're looking for a new dentist for various reasons. I'm hoping to find one that is really good with kids so my kids won't hate going to the dentist as much. If possible, I'd like to switch to the same dentist as well, so I'm hoping for someone who doesn't specialize only in kids.

If it matters, we're in the south Tulsa area but don't mind a bit of a drive if it means finding a really great dentist that we won't cringe at the thought of seeing. So, anyone know a great family dentist in Tulsa? Or dentists to avoid at all costs?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Not sure if this goes against any MeFi rules but: my dad. His practice is off 169 near 21st, so not South Tulsa, but I grew up around 91st & Memorial and it only took 10-15 minutes to drive to the office from there. Mefi-mail me if you want his info.
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I had a really great dentist at a place called Galleria of Smiles on Yale just South of 71st. I'm not actually sure what his name was- everyone called him Dr. Rad. He is Iranian, and evidently his actual surname is close to unpronounceable. He may not still be there, but I really liked everything about the practice. They're not kid-specific, but they seemed to be pretty kid-friendly.
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FWIW, Dr. Rad's office is now located at 91st and Sheridan in the shopping center on the Southeast corner. Well, I assume it's the same guy. I only noticed it was there because holy shit! Dr. Rad!
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