Help me get my refund!
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Hoped to have my resume written by a resume writer but after a month--and still no resume--I just want a refund. Contacted writer a week ago but still no refund...not even a response.

I can't recall how I came across this resume writer but he seemed legitimate with a regularly-updated blog on the topics of job-searching and career advice, along with a Linkedin profile that had a picture of himself.

After I made a payment through PayPal, he immediately contacted me by e-mail requesting my resume. This step was necessary for him to get a basic understanding of my background. He also requested to schedule a time for a phone conversation for a more detailed understanding of my background, career interests, skills, etc.

It was Wednesday evening when I made the payment and he sent his first e-mail. He made his second attempt to reach me on Saturday but I still did not have a chance to respond. It was not until Sunday afternoon that I e-mailed him back with my resume--and an apology.

He has not contacted me since. Even though I e-mailed him on a weekly basis, each time apologizing that I did not get back to him sooner. I also left a message at the number listed on his business's website.

I gave up after a month and sent one last e-mail to him asking for a refund. It's been a week and he has continued to ignore me.

How can I force him to refund my money? I've gotten a few ideas from this very similar MetaFilter post:
I don't want to go through the hassle of a small claims court. File a dispute through PayPal? Can PayPal be that effective? How long would something like that take?

Oh, and anyone have any feedback on resume writers? Heh...
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File a paypal claim. That should be fine. It will take a week or so.
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Paypal really bats for the buyers, so you should have no problem getting your money back.

I sold something on ebay a month ago and now the guy filed a claim against me because it didn't arrive. It was an 11 dollar item, and they didn't request a tracking number (and I didn't supply one). Instead of asking me about it, they simply deducted the money from my account and said that 'if I can show proof that I sent it (impossible) they will return the money.' I'm pretty much screwed and for all I know this guy got the item.

So yeah, you will probably get your money back.
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Yes, Paypal. I think you have 60 days, but I am not at all sure about that. I had a customer who filed a claim against me, and the money was immediately deducted from my account. I didn't even see it coming.

(Luckily if was just a misunderstanding and she is one of my most fabulous customers)
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If you paid by credit card, also file a chargeback with your credit card company. I would at least give PayPal a chance with the dispute, but you only have 60 days to do a chargeback, so make sure you get your credit card chargeback in before that deadline.

Between the combination of a credit card chargeback and a PayPal dispute, you are more or less guaranteed to get your money back.

PayPal frowns on doing credit card chargebacks, but I've never heard of anything ever happening as a result of one.
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You have to file a paypal claim first. If that's denied, then you can file a chargeback, but otherwise I think you're in violation of the paypal agreement, and they'll do stuff.
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You should do a PayPal dispute quickly, because the time limit is 45 days from payment sent. You're running out of time at this point. The dispute process will probably go easily for you given these facts, and if he tries to complain PayPal will put the onus on him to prove he delivered the product for better or worse.
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Paypal dispute! I did the same and was awarded my refund the same day I filed the dispute. (I also escalated it to a claim the same day). Paypal will take the money without asking him. (unless there is no money in his account... So hopefully, he hasn't spent it yet!! One more reason to get on this asap).
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I can also write you a resume that lists your skills as including "Sweet-ass Karate Moves" and that lists all your SEAL kill team experience. (And a letter demanding money back now.)
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Nthing Paypal claim and I believe you only have 45 days from the transaction to do it.
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