Have you ever used Mobify?
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Does anyone have any experience with Mobify, the platform for mobile apps?

They're pitching to us next week to be our mobile platform provider (or something like that). We are a non-profit and no real experience in mobile. It would be nice to have some "true" testimonials. Also, are they on solid financial ground, or will they be *POOF* gone one day? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
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Best answer: We recently undertook a trial in multi-platforming a mobile app. Our corp has a popular iPhone that's free and has wide community use. We are getting heat from the Android community.

Results were good - but the mapping component was not as smooth as the native app, if fact quite clunky, and is considered a show stopper by our marketing department - and I have to agree. Most the other functionality worked well. it is slower than a native app.

Few other issues, date /time pickers are not as nice as native apps, multi select boxes are not as nice. if your app requires lots of form interaction then keep the forms simple. If it's brochureware, then there is no issue. Check out Phonegap as well. JQuery mobile is also pretty cool, though not in release.
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