Lunch has been canceled due to lack of hustle
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What are some sports/activities/games (e.g. bocce ball) that are fun to play in dress clothes during lunch at work? A park is nearby.

I have a hour for lunch at work, but I usually only take 15-20 minutes to eat. I usually sit at my computer but I'm itching for something active to do other than walking around. There's a park literally across the street. What games could I play (by myself or possibly with a couple coworkers) that would involve minimal setup, game-times of 10-15 minutes, and minimal sweat (I have to dress business casual). So far I have Bocce Ball and Croquet. Bonus points for cheap!
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Toss a Frisbee around? (Although I am aware that if people aren't accurate with their Frisbee tosses that it could become a rather active, sweaty activity.)
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Seconding ladderball, or cornhole or horseshoes or washers (or anything else that involves tossing objects at a goal).
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A nice leisurely game of catch, if you have gloves.
You could play freestyle badminton without a net, just volleying.

But it sounds like Bocce is ideal, if you're not so purist as to require backboards, as it has the most minimal equipment involved.
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Kubb! I see people playing this all the time. Very genteel and good fun and easy to play.
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bean bag toss simple but addictive.
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Take up juggling!
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There's a whole category of Lawn Games on Wikipedia.
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Baggo/cornhole/bean bag toss is a lot of fun, but requires little exertion. Of course, it requires equipment. Not a lot, mind you, but the boards do take up more space than a well-packed croquet set.
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If it is windy you could fly a kite (not really a sport, but I still find it to be fun, although you may look odd doing that).
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Nthing ladderball. Growing up, we always called it horseballs!
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If the park has a picnic table, get a Nok Hockey board.
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Frisbee seems ideal. Or catch. Or, go for a bike ride that is not strenuous enough to make you sweat :)
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Take up juggling!

Juggling is a good idea. But when I learned, I spent a lot of my time running around picking up my juggling balls. That can result in a sweaty workout. But once you learn it's less sweaty.

Also, I came to suggest hacky sack. But that can be strenuous enough to sweat too.
I like the bocce ball idea. Also check if the park has a horseshoe pit.
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Petanque is our game of choice when we want to do something outside, don't want to work up a sweat, and don't want to spill our adult beverages. It differs from bocce and lawn bowling in that you stand in one spot and keep your feet together. No running or lunging. You can play alone for practice, but I recommend getting a set of at least six boules, so some friends can join you. Added benefit: getting a little Fanny on your lunch hour.
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My friends and I made up a game called Wordball that's great for a small group of people (3-10, but it's more fun with 10 than 3). You only need a large, soft ball, like a soccer ball or volleyball. The rules:

Everybody stands/sits in a circle, facing inwards. Pick somebody to begin the game by choosing a theme. A theme should encompass a wide range of one- or two-word parts, for example "colors" or "fruits" or "U.S. presidents." The other players should probably all agree with the theme before starting. Then the starting player throws the ball to anyone she chooses.

The other player must catch the ball and immediately say something that fits the theme. If that player can't think of something, or says something that doesn't qualify, he's out. Also, if he misses the catch or drops the ball, he's out. If not eliminated, the player then must quickly throw the ball to someone else of his choice — anyone who hasn't yet been eliminated.

If it's a bad throw or a cheap shot (too hard, below the waist, over the shoulder, bad aim) the player who threw the ball is out instead of the player it was thrown to.

Play continues until all players but one have been eliminated. The remaining player will pick a new theme and start the next game, if everyone wants to keep going. My friends and I have found this to be a fun, low-impact combination of coordination and quick thinking. A game typically lasts 5-10 minutes depending on the number of players. Make sure to encourage fast play; if someone holds the ball for more than a "beat" and still hasn't come up with a word yet, she should be declared out and the game should move on.
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