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YANMD but i have an appointment tomorrow. The right side of my face hurts. Mostly under my eyebrow, the inside of my cheek and when im walking what seems like somewhere close to where my wisdom teeth were. Im thinking sinusitis?

My dad is prone to sinusitis so it might be because of that. What else could it be? What should i be prepared to ask at the doctor's? What will he prescribe me?
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Sinusitis sounds likely. Think about what you do that makes it feel worse [bending over, touching it, &c] and if there's anything you do that makes it feel better [staying hydrated, steamy showers, &c]. Sinus problems are usually not that big a deal. Your doc will likely try to figure out if you have sinus pressure because of a cold or whether you have a sinus infection. If your snot is greenish or brownish later in the day [often morning snot is darker because you're dehydrated] you might have an infection. If it's an infection they'll give you antibiotics. Take them ALL so you don't wind up with a remnant infection that comes back with a vengeance. It's possible they will not work in which case feel free to tell your doctor if you're still feeling pain/pressure after several days of taking antibiotics.

Obviously this whole thing makes more sense of you've had accompanying cold symptoms, have you? I'm not a doc, obviously, but I have seasonal sinus issues this time of the year because of allergies. Between now and the doc appointment you may want to try decongestants or antihistamines to see if they have any effect. Stay hydrated and feel free to take advil or something more symptom related to make the pain lessen.
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Response by poster: I also have had a cold since about last monday or tuesday. Sometimes the mucus is a brownish colour, sometimes with a hint of red (blood)
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Tap lightly on this part of your face with a fingertip. If it hurts, you very likely have a sinus infection.

Have you tried using a neti pot? Changed my life. I never knew it was possible to be able to breathe through both nostrils at the same time.
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Response by poster: that part of my face doesnt really hurt. The main pain is the inside of my eyebrow for some reason.

I just used that neti pot with a salt solution!
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Could be TMJ inflammation. Do you have any history of grinding your teeth? I used to get pain that ranged from feeling like a toothache to feeling like a headache centered on my temple.
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I've had eyebrow pain with previous sinus infections. In fact, I tend to get pain in that area more often than around the cheekbones when sinusitis rears its head. I also get a "burning" feeling in the very edge of the roof of my mouth along the top of my back teeth on that same side that the eyebrow is aching.
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Response by poster: no history of tooth grinding but ill look into that!
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Seconding maxim0512. TMJ irritation can make your face hurt and you can get some odd combinations of painful spots, such as you describe. I had a lot of sinus trouble before I got my allergies under control. Then subsequently discovered the joys of TMJ problems. They can be quite similar. If your sinuses are not the problem, go see your dentist. You will probably be advised to use a night guard dental appliance. Not expensive. If you have not been tested for allergies, and you do have another bout of sinusitis, I would get a referral to an allergist. My bouts with sinusitis stopped once I figured out what my allergies were and started avoiding allergens.
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They're going to ask how long it's been happening; the difference between prescribing antibiotics and not is generally the length of time--longer than 7 days and they're likely to prescribe antibiotics. You're right on the borderline for that. They'll also check your temperature and ask if you got a fever, listen to your lungs, ask what OTC meds you're on, what meds you're allergic to, and generally do basic doctor-y stuff.

If they don't prescribe antibiotics, they'll probably prescribe something like Nasonex and ask you to come back if you don't get better in X amount of time (maybe, say, a week).

If they do prescribe a short course of antibiotics, it will generally be something like amoxicillin, augmentin or azithromycin (sometimes called a Z-pack). They're all relatively innocuous and inexpensive to get generically, if I remember correctly.

(I am not a medical professional but I get sinus infections on a regular basis)
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For a completely different possibility, 90% of all sinus headaches turn out actually to be migraines. It's very common to get migraine pain exactly where you describe your pain. Not all migraines are intensely painful; some are just moderate.
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I had those symptoms as a teenager, and my parents took me to the doctor, who promptly sent me to the dentist. I had an abscessed upper tooth. Since this was a military dentist, they didn't waste time trying to fix it, they just pulled the tooth and put me on antibiotics.
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Could also be allergies or a combination of that and a sinus infection. IANAD but I do get a lot of sinus infections. I usually am given antibiotics and sometimes nose spray of some type.
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It's very likely sinus congestion. If you want relief, head to the drugstore and ask for Sudafed from the pharmacist behind the counter.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers...the pain under my eyebrow and cheek just got worse,pretty unbearable. Can't wait to see the doctor tomorrow morning
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Feel free to take advil or tylenol (or both) as directed. Good luck tomorrow!
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I don't think it's likely given the pain near your eyebrow, but for the sake of future googlers: I've had random pain and inflammation in my cheek that looks to be salivary gland infection. (I need an ultrasound to confirm, but it's happened 3x in the same spot and responded to antibiotics each time.) So that's a remote possibility.
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Response by poster: So i went to the doctor, it was sinusitis, and she prescribed antibiotics for four days. I took one ibuprofen 400 last night and i still feel no pain, so i guess its getting better.
Thanks metafilter!
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