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Are there any good collectible card games out there? I'd prefer it to be online, though it doesn't have to be. I'd prefer it to be free, and I can't really accept otherwise. I'd also prefer it to be browser based or Linux-friendly, but it's fine if it is Windows only. Is there anything out there? I came across Ederon, but the collectible part seems to be subdued, though I only played three matches so maybe I'm wrong. Tyrant on Kongregate pretty much fits the bill, but its mechanics are a bit too simple I suppose.
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There are many freeware M:tG programs out there, if that's your thing. I recommend GCCG, which plays online with card images but no rules enforcement.
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Cockatrice to play Magic: The Gathering.
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I'm not sure if these meet your requirements, but Spectromancer and Legends of Norrath have been a lot of fun to play through. Virtual CCGs, played both in Windows clients, there may be alternate OS clients but I'm currently on my phone so can't research for sure.
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Best answer: Elements or Mytheria maybe
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Estiah is a lot of fun, pretty deep, and the cash element doesn't give you any game advantages, just some conveniences. It's not a conventional CCG since it's all deckbuilding - you design a deck and watch how it plays out.
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Check out Dominion -- it's great. Good and free online implementation at
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Best answer: Notch is working on a new CCG after minecraft, but it's not going to be out for a while.
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Best answer: Dominion can also be played here. They also have a lot of other games. Don't be fooled by the German, most players speak English.

For more conventional CCGs, check out OCTGN. The client is clean and easy to use. It doesn't come with any games. It has been designed to be accept rules plugins and scanned images for other games which can be found on their forum. Games such as Magic: the Gathering, Game of Thrones, Call of Cthulhu are available. Unfortunately, it lacks a lobby to easily connect to other players but you can find someone to play with through the forums.

Memail me if you'd like to try Game of Thrones!
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