who is in this painting?
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Who is depicted in this painting? Who painted it?

The first guess is napoleon but I have a feeling it's someone else.
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Retry the link to the painting?
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Non-mobile link.
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Response by poster: oh shoot, thank you! never posted from my iPhone before.
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Simon Bolivar maybe?
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I couldn't find who he is exactly, but he seems to be wearing the Légion d'honneur alongside the Grand Aigle. The uniform looks almost exactly like the one Napoleon wears in this painting, which means he's either Napoleon or at least some French military officer.
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It looks somewhat similar to Jacque-Louis David's Napoleon in his Study. Maybe a copy?
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I'm thinking Andre Massena because of the chart and the Légion d'honneur but I haven't found a confirming image.
Scroll down here.
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Best answer: It looks like Napoleon because it's his brother Joeseph Bonaparte as the King of Spain. It's by Jean-Baptiste Wicar.
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Response by poster: awesome, two lights! thank you!
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