What sort of mannequin/technique do clothes site use for there product shots?
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How do sites like this and this take there photos of products? Its like they are tacket worn by a invisable man or woman. Is it a special sort of mannequin?
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It's photoshop.
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or they drape the mannnequins in green screen.
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Best answer: Hey, I do this. I've heard it called the ghost or invisible mannequin technique. Basically how it works is you take a picture of the item on the mannequin. Then you turn the item inside out and take a second picture. In Photoshop, you remove the mannequin from both images, then put the inside out layer under it, and presto! Invisible mannequin. It looks cool, but it does require a lot more editing time.
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Probably photoshop. At least at coggles. You can see the where they drew the clipping path along the outer edge, and it'd be pretty trivial to composite a shot of the inside of the shirt into the original shot.

On preview: apparently it has a name!
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Best answer: This might explain it better than I did.
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