How can I register a unicode domain?
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I would like to register some .com or .org domains with non-ascii unicode characters in the domain names. Can I do this as a US citizen? What registrar should I use?

For my existing domains I've used and Nearly Free Speech. let me go through the purchasing process, but then the registration failed because (the note said) I'm not a citizen of Germany. Nearly Free Speech said the domain names were invalid.
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Gandi should work.
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Not sure what the .com IDN policy is (probably pretty mercenary); .org's is here, including a link to a list of registrars and their IDN support.
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Are you sure that you're using allowed code points? Here are the rules for .com, .net, .name, .tv, and .cc. Here are the rules for the rest of the TLDs. Note that when you register an IDN you have to specify a language tag, and the rules are specific to the language. If you can't find a registrar that supports IDN, try dynadot, moniker, or domainsite.
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Response by poster: Thanks for these pointers. Now I get to decide whether to proceed with what was essential a bit of whimsy.

Marking this as resolved.
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