Thanks, I'd rather throw myself at this window here
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Need bird identification. Location: Northern Virginia (Herndon area for those in the know). It's about 5"-ish long, maybe?

So, two days ago that bird showed up and started hurling itself at Mr. Concolora's office window. It shows up, bounces itself off the window beak-first over and over, gets tired and rests on the sill, hurls itself again and eventually flies off.

But it keeps coming back.

Mr. Concolora's office window is sadly on the second floor, unopenable, and that reflective tinted glass, so he can't tape a bird of prey silhouette into/onto the window to keep it from slamming into it.

It looks like some sort of finch to me, but whatbird and the Audobon Society's webpages are not being helpful.

So, what is it, O Font of All Human Knowledge, and is there any way you can think of to stop it from trying to commit birdie suicide?
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Whatever it is, it's probably a male and is trying to 'attack' its reflection in the glass. If you can't somehow make the glass non-reflective (maybe splash muddy water on it from outside?) then just leave it be and it should eventually get bored and leave.
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Best answer: Goldfinch. The males are both showy yellow and very territorial during mating season (now).
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Best answer: Goldfinch. The breast color and the bill are dead giveaways.
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Best answer: Goldfinch.
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When I was a kid, a male cardinal showed up in the springtime to battle its reflection in a bathroom window. It didn't seem to be injured at all from the confrontations, which generally took place when morning sun made the window very reflective. Eventually it moved on.

Until the following year. And the year after that. The re-appearance of the fierce fighting cardinal became something of a rite of the season. So your visitor might not just get over it.
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Best answer: Angry, territorial goldfinch. It will get tired of what it's doing or die trying. If the window isn't openable, the only thing I can think to do would be to point some bright lights at the window (so that they're shining out) - that may disrupt the reflection it's seeing.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the answers so far! According to Mr. Concolora "That explains why I saw him attack two other birds today. (about 3 times his size)"
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These clever transparent decals are visible to birds and meant to scare them away from windows.
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You can lower your blinds/close your curtains to decrease reflectivity. Soaping them works on standard windows, I'm not sure about tinted. Good luck, that's a handsome (dumb) bird!
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