Wikipedia page history movie?
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A few months ago I came across an animated movie documenting the development of a wiki page. Essentially it was made up of screen grabs generated by going through the edit history of a document. Much googling and MeFi/Boingboing searching hasn't amounted to much. Anyone know where this is? Am I imagining this? Also: Does anyone know of an easy way to create a similar animation with a PMWiki page?
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It sounds like you're looking for Jon Udell's Heavy Metal Umlaut: The Movie, which tracks changes to Wikipedia's heavy metal umlaut entry.
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I don't know about the first bit (and esd may have nailed it) - but I did see an application yesterday which will record screen activity and save as a could do what you said - check wink out.
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Response by poster: Heavy Metal Umlaut - that's the one! Thanks much esd.

As for the software side of things, I should mention that I'm on a Mac running 10.4. And while I like Udell's work, I'm thinking of something more along the lines of a strict animation - from the beginning of a document to it's final state. My current plan is to use Paparazzi to take a screengrab of each shot and then dump that into Flash.

But if anyone can think of a less labor intensive way to manage this, I'd be VERY interested.
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Could you have a page with a frame and javascript onTimeouts set up to load the next page in the frame. I'm not sure if it's win+ie only but it may be possible to get the browser to do transitions. Easiest way for one page would be to note down the URL's and do the code manually.
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Contact the author of webkit2png and get a copy of the command line tool. Then you can script it somehow.

perl -e'for $i (1..99) { system "webkit2png \"url?revision=$i\""; sleep 10; }'
(note that $i is the number you're on. you can put it in multiple times)

I have no clue on how to get proper revision numbers out of PMWiki. Also I don't have much of a clue about webkit2png's command line arguments, which I'm sure you'd want to set up.

I assume you can easily make a bunch of images into a flash file?

Feel free to contact me.
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Perhaps vnc2swf would be useful for this kind of thing. It's a screen recorder which records to Flash (for UN*X and Mac OS X).
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Also useful for this sort of thing is Wink, found via lifehacker.
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Related: Some researchers at IBM and MIT came up with a really cool way to visualize wiki contributions over time. It's called History Flow. I don't know if they will distribute the software, but it made quite a buzz at a conference last year.
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