Need to get married fast.
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Need to get married fast. Where is the best place in the world (outside of the US) to do it?

My work might be sending me to the US permanently in a few months. I (a US citizen) live with my non-US citizen fiancee abroad, and it looks like 'direct consular filing' is the fastest way to go to bring her to the US. Unfortunately, it takes ages (10+ weeks) where we live to get a marriage certificate, which I'd need to even start the lengthy visa application process.

Where in the world could we travel to get married and a legal marriage certificate quickly and without hassle? Bonus if the certificate is in English and the place is worth visiting as a vacation spot.

We'd do Vegas, but we don't want to risk provoking the ire of US immigration authorities by entering the US w/ the intent of getting married.
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The US actually has a system setup for fiancee visas, as long as you get married within 90 days after entering the US. See here for more on finacee visas.

Its not that abnormal at all to do something like this, as long as you have the right forms and info.
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bahamas. no blood test, $100 fee, requirement is to have been in bahamas for one full 24 hour day. also be over 18 and if your previously married bring a copy of the divorce or death certificate.

easy peasy and certainly vacation worthy.


congrats and good luck!!
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fuzzysoft: DCF is generally easier and faster than the fiance(é)e visa.

nthing the Caribbean. Bermuda, Caymans, BVIs, St Kitts. Waiting periods are all short enough (either "none" or "a few days") that you could conceivably do it in a long weekend.

Less exotic, but still pretty scenic and perhaps more convenient if you're in Europe -- Gibraltar, which issues special licences on short notice to non-residents.
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"Where in the world could we travel to get married and a legal marriage certificate quickly and without hassle? Bonus if the certificate is in English and the place is worth visiting as a vacation spot."

There is no waiting period, no residence requirement and no blood test in BC, Alberta, Ontario, PEI, or New Brunswick [PDF]. BC at least has quite a few vacation draws depending on what you are into and access to the States is quick and easy.

Also same sex marriage is legal though the US doesn't recognize those marriages for the purposes of immigration.
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I can attest to the ease of getting married in Canada (I am American). I arranged our wedding online, except for the paperwork bits we had to fill out in person. Vancouver is fantastic as a destination.
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We enjoyed the cook islands, but that may be a bit out of the way. (2 day wait, can be waived with some additional fees), but as others have mentioned, any Caribbean destination or other tropical type destination, as lots of people will travel to these places to get married.
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New Zealand's Department of Internal Affairs has a general guide and specifics for your requirements. And hey, New Zealand.
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I've known a couple couples who have gotten married in Denmark because it was/is fast easy and cheap. They then moved back to German and/or the US as a legally married couple.
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Can't answer your question directly, but I just wanted to throw in that the fiancé visa is probably not the way to go if you want it to be fast. My dad started the process in September by filing the petition and his fiancée just got her invitation to apply for the visa last month, and that way the "easy" part.
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