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Help me find a piece of an old SNL monologue for Mother's Day!

Google is failing me and (mock me if you like) I can't find my way around the SNL website.

Madeline Kahn hosted in '76 and in her monologue she did a bit based on "M is for the many things she gave me", but ended it with "P is for the presents that she gave me. Put them all together that spells Motherp!"

I don't want the whole monologue (which I can't find anyway), I'm just looking for that tiny clip and just to post on her facebook or something. All I can find are transcripts.

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The episode is at,cFull%20Episodes,1,0 -- according to this is the one that contains the monologue you're looking for.

You would need Hulu Plus to watch it, but you can get a free trial if you wish.
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It was Season 1, episode 19 if that's helpful. Air Date: Saturday May 8, 1976, Production Code: 119. I'll keep poking around.
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Oops, forgot to HTMLize it:

- episode link
- episode info
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Ah, also I'm in Canada. Hulu is mostly inaccessible.
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It's also streaming on Netflix
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The monologue starts at 3:44
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I can't do anything about the video, but I found the clip, extracted the audio and converted it to an MP3. MeMail me your email address and I'll send the whole song to you.
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