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I would like to try a Roku Player to watch Netflix streaming vidoes on my TV. How do I hook up to my standard TV with a Dish Network Receiver and a Sony Blu Ray Player?

I can not use the Sony Blu Ray Player to watch Netflix, it keeps stopping and starting and makes the movie unwatchable, but I would like to keep it hooked up so I can watch DVDs. I am using wired DSL for connecting to the internet, speed of 1.29 mbps, which according to Roku is acceptable speed to watch the streaming video. Just need help figuring out what lines go where as far as the satellite receiver, DVD player, Roku and TV.
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Does your BluRay player connect via HDMI? I wound up getting an HDMI switch online to put my Roku and BluRay (same issue as you have) to the TV. Then you can just swap inputs on hte switch between your BluRay and Roku.
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How many inputs (and what type) does the TV have? The Roku (most of the models anyway) will have some combination of the following:

Video output
component video

Audio output (to be used with Component video output)

So, whatever inputs aren't being used by the dish and DVD are likely one of these. You just take up one of those inputs, then use the TV input menu to switch as needed.
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Also, before buying the Roku box.. 1) check to make sure your BD firmware is current and 2) make sure it's not your wireless router causing the issue because getting the Roku box won't solve the problem if the problem is your wireless signal.
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I agree with tdischino - your PS3 should be able to do Netflix as well as the Roku box so if the one isn't working it could be your router, wired or not.

Also, Netflix has it's ups and downs. Try watching something on an off time (like 1am or 3pm) and see if the connection improves.
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This question in unanswerable without knowing what model TV you have, and how your already existing components are connected.
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