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Why have my numeric output fields stopped working in Flash 11?

Old FLA files of mine, which worked fine up to Flash 10, no longer work when recompiled in Flash 11 (aka "Flash Professional CS5").

We're talking about ActionScript 2, with the target being Flash 8 runtime.

I have a text field. It contains "999999" for a place holder. It's set to "Classic Text" and "Dynamic Text".

The "link" and "target" fields are empty. The "Variable" field contains the full path ("_root.count") of the variable I want to display.

Up to Flash 10, that worked fine. The 999999 got replaced with the current value of the variable. The exact same source, when compiled by Flash 11, fails: I can't see anything where that field should be.

What the heck did Adobe do in Flash 11? what do I need to do to make this work? ("Use Actionscript 3" is not a helpful answer.)
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Best answer: I just did a test on a new CS5 document trying to match your settings, and saw what I think is similar behavior. I was able to fix it by making sure the text field had the font embedded.
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Response by poster: That fixed it, but only after I changed the placeholder text to 0123456789 so that it would embed all of the digits.

Likely I'm not doing the embed right.
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Best answer: You should just be able to tick off the "Numerals [0-9] (11/11 glyphs)" checkbox under "Character ranges"
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And by "tick off", I mean put a check in the box (in case tick off makes you think of unchecking it, like it did for me after re-reading my comment)
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