Subclinical hypothyroidism during pregnancy?
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I'm a little over 8 weeks pregnant, and other than the insane morning sickness, feel like I'm in good health. However, my thyroid results came back with normal free T4 and elevated TSH. Neither my regular doc nor my midwife seem concerned... so should I relax?

I've been in the subclinical category for years now, and none of my doctors have ever suggested any corrective measures, particularly as the free T4 has been normal. Currently my TSH is in the high 3s, though it has fluctuated into the low 4s before. I've read reports about developmental delays even with subclinical hypothyroidism – freshly alarmed, I'm wondering if this is worth pursuing with a third doctor (endocrinologist?). Anyone have experience with normal Free T4 but elevated TSH? How big of a deal is it, especially in pregnancy? YANAD – got it!
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I used to work in the office of an endocrinologist, and she considered a "normal" TSH level to be 2.5 or below, which I believe is more strict than most general practitioners. So you might want to schedule an appointment with a specialist and see what they say.
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I am similarly pregnant and before I got pregnant my TSH was 3.0. My RE wanted it between 1 and 2. So I went to a regular endocrinologist and he put me on 25-50 mcg generic synthroid. TSH is now 1 and all my various docs are happy. One said that it's important for early brain development, so while I don't think your levels are dangerous, it might be worth scheduling an appt with an endocrinologist.
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A friend of mine had a number of miscarriages due to untreated "borderline" hypothyroidism. Her TSH was higher than yours, but I'd be concerned anyway.
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