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Where can I watch the space shuttle launch on Friday in Washington, DC? Or, if there isn't anything going on: shuttle-themed cocktail recipes?

I have already requested the afternoon off and this being DC, there is probably some bar(s) having a party or something, right? Maybe?

If I'll be toasting the astronauts from my couch, any suggestions for appropriate drinks?
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Since it's possibly the pinnacle of the craft, the Aviation seems like a natural choice.
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Best answer: I would try to ask this in the Got Plans chat on WashingtonPost.com, tomorrow at 1:00. Type of question that's right up their alley.
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Got Plans
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The Diner is having a lift off party. No cocktails, but reduced priced draft beers.
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Best answer: My friend who is a curator at Air & Space says, "The National Air and Space Museum will show the launch on a 20-foot-high projection on the wall in the new Moving Beyond Earth exhibit at the National Mall Building. It's a great place to gather to watch the launch."

No booze, but I bet you could get some astronaut ice cream from the gift shop.
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Response by poster: I emailed Science Club- they don't have TVs and therefore aren't doing anything special. The Smithsonian, however, is definitely showing it on a giant projection screen. Yessssss.
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Response by poster: In case anyone is checking this, The Pug on H st NE is opening at 3:30...
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