I need suggestions for a ticket system for my website?
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I have a small website that im running a local event from and i need a way for people to be able to buy tickets online and for me to check them into the event. My main concern is people sharing tickets so I need some way to prevent fraud and it needs to be super cheap. The sites im running is built on wordpress im wondering is there a plugin or 3rd party service that I can use?
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Put a name and unique random # on each ticket, then keep a list with you during check-in?
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Check out EventBrite - they do all of this for ya.
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I met the developer of SimpleTick at a conference last year. He has a free version.
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event espresso for wordpress - plugin will handle it all.
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I have never used them personally for an event but some local events I've gone to have is brown paper bag ticket company . I like the fact the fees are low and they donate a portion of ticket fee to non profits within your community.

I think you should give them a look and I really admire their dedication to the communities which use them.
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I'm researching the same thing and I came across the Wordpress plugin Event Espresso. You can print individual tickets with a unique QR code and scan them with an iDevice to try and curb the shared ticket problem.

It's about $60 and you'll have to set it up yourself, but the features and ability to customize look good so far. It does look like a lot of work up front, but once you have it running it should be pretty easy to update and create new events.
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