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I'd like to make a giant prop Flying Spaghetti Monster for my school's atheist student group, to present during the fall organization fair. How do I go about this?

I'm looking to make a lightweight, large FSM prop to have over our university group's table come fall. What materials should we use? Any building suggestions?
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Like this? I have no idea, but the Seattle Atheists put that thing together, try getting in touch with them.
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Papier-mache: newspaper strips + watery glue over a frame made of balloon (for meatballs) and wire (for noodles) or other materials.

You might see if you can find a sculpture student or someone who works with the theater department for help on building big props.
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This FSM Halloween Costume (scroll down) uses "foam tubing" for the noodles.
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If you want to get huge, pool noodles may be your best bet for the appendages. If you want smaller, latex rubber lab tubing could work. In general, google around for rubber/latex/foam tubing. There's lots of industries that use the stuff.
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What would be really cool is incorporating a few cans of silly string with some kind of remote control (perhaps based on bicycle brake cables?) so that your FSM could zap random passers-by with its noodly appendages.
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Don't know what the meatballs are here, but the noodles are vacuum cleaner hoses, and the eyes are about whiffle-ball sized.
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Home Depot will have miles of whatever sized tubing you want in the plumbing and/or landscaping department.

I'd start with one of the photos posted above (or here), then wander the aisles of Home Depot and craft stores waiting for inspiration to strike.
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