What's up with my ac?
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Leaking central air conditioner. We live in Austin, and it's been in the 90s for the past week or so. During this time, the air conditioner (central air, not window unit) has had some water surrounding the bottom, which is now seeping through the base of the wall onto the other side. What's going on?

We typically keep the house quite cold, so I'm worried we're working the ac too hard. I'm more worried that there's a bigger issue. Does anyone know what's causing this, and what we should do? The ac itself seems to be working fine.
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My educated guess is your air conditioner condensate line is clogged.
Here's how to clear it.
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That's what I was going to suggest; it was the cause of our last leak.
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What about that pan in the unit that collects water? We had a leak like that because it was full.
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Is the part of the air conditioner which has the water near its bottom the outdoor unit or the indoor unit?
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If you do end up needing to call someone, we had our AC unit replaced by Austin Air Dynamics last year and were very pleased by them. Not affiliated, yadda yadda.
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Response by poster: The part with the water is inside, in the garage, and yes, it seems like the line is clogged. We rent the house and the owner is a handy man, so he's coming out to look at it tomorrow. Thanks for the help, all!
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