The Easter bunny is on the lam
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How to capture a domestic bunny that was released into the wild?

Some friends of mine are on a rescue mission to capture a white rabbit, clearly a domestic pet, that was released into the woods. They keep spotting it and on a few occasions have gotten close enough to try to toss a towel over it, but at the moment don't have a net or a cage with which to aid capture. It won't survive for very long in the wild...does anyone have any suggestions on what to do? They're in Florida.
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Best answer: Previously! I remembered reading this a couple of weeks ago, might be useful for you.
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Best answer: Hey curious nu, you stole my previously!

ladybird, here's the tl;dr.
  • Call local bunny resources
  • Acquire a humane trap (ideally from said resources)
  • Bait trap with banana and raisin
  • Cover the trap so it looks less cage-y and more hole-y (I used some pine boughs)
  • Advertise the rabbit to find an adopter
Memail me if you could use more details.
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Best answer: Like I said on the previous thread, they should chase it as a group and run it down, it'll be faster than them to start with, but humans have a lot more stamina and you can work as a group to surround it. As it's a tame rabbit it'll soon give up and then just grab it and pick it up, by the scruff of the neck if it's kicking. The towel thing will never work. Catch it right now because it's a walking dinner at the moment.
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Response by poster: Many thanks all! I have passed this info along to the would-be bunny trappers...and I will keep you posted. With pics of course when possible.
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One of my pet rabbits as a child often answered the call of the wild and would escape to the back yard. Each time I caught him with the help of a laundry basket (or as I then called them "bunny jail")
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