Need a Mother's Day gift for grandma
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I need a great mother's day gift for my new baby's wonderful grandmas.

I have a baby who is less than 1 year old. Both sets of grandparents have been wonderfully helpful and supportive. I would like to get my mother and mother-in-law a special present for their first Mother's Day as the grandparent to my child (first grandchild on one side, 2nd on the other).

They are very difficult to buy for as they basically have everything, need nothing, and have very narrow tastes. MIL likes golf & bridge and is a former librarian. M is into art history and horses. Food or drink is RIGHT OUT. Fancy bath stuff I did last year. Scarves, jewelry etc would be well-received but sometimes are a 'miss' because of personal style. Experiences (hot air balloon, whale watching, etc.) would be, well, tolerated. I've run out of time to make photo books (although I will probably do that for Father's Day). Technology - they're not up for it. Basically these people are impossible to shop for.

If you can think of any inspiration for me to work with I would love it. I am thinking along the lines of the classic silver rattle or engraved pacifier clip keepsakes, but something for grandmas?
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Best answer: How about springing for an individual photo shoot of the each grandma with the babies? Grandmas love baby pictures. Grandmas will love baby pictures with the two of them together.
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If you don't come up with a better idea, there's always flowers. But don't use a wire service, call a local florist. (You save a bit of money that way.) Most will have "keepsake" type vase containers, one of which might serve you well. For example, if your local florist is a Teleflora participant, they should carry a selection of teleflora vase containers that you might like.

If you do like my idea do it soon. Mother's Day week is rough on florists plus they run out of the really cool vases quick.
posted by St. Alia of the Bunnies at 4:30 PM on April 22, 2011 - do a canvas print of grandbaby. for a coupon code.
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Just one really cute baby photo, in a nice frame. (If your M and MIL are the types to keep framed photos around... all of the grandparents I know certainly are.)
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My kids' grandmothers were given something like this, a different kind of baby book.

They can record all sorts of information and memories about their lives, and it is intended to be eventually returned to the grandchild. (I suspect the ex-librarian grandma would love it.)
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Best answer: This year we went to a pottery painting kind of place and painted pottery incorporating my little boys' handprints. One grandmother is getting a big bowl for her popcorn and the handprints are the fish in the ocean. The other grandmother is getting a cookie jar with handprints on the outside.

Pictures are always well received. Plaster cast of little one's hand? A really nice card that expresses your appreciation?
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What about a beautiful silver locket?
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Response by poster: We did a photo shoot for one grandma, and sent a sweatshirt with '#1 grandma' on it to the other. I made pottery with handprints for the grandpas last week. Thank you all for the suggestions!
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