Where do I get my Italian beef and other Chicago classics for 10 people coming to my house for the weekend?
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What are some good Chicago-area catering options for a group of 10 people? We are hosting a small group of relatives at our house for the weekend in May, and we want to have some classic Chicago dishes for people to eat. But, we also don't want to spend the whole weekend in the kitchen working on deep dish pizza, either. So, we're looking for suggestions on places to check out that we can bring food home for about 10 people. So far, we're going to check out Portillo's and Jewel for Italian beef, but I'm open to other options for the beef and other Chicago specialties. (Actually, we live in Naperville, but I'm willing to go pretty much anywhere in the area if it is worth it.)
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Brown's might do the trick.
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Best answer: Lou Malnati's for deep-dish.
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Best answer: Buona does catering and they have classic Chicago dishes. I know there's a Buona in Lombard on Roosevelt, and there are probably some in Naperville.

If you want something that isn't a chain, the pizza place by my office (in Addison) is fabulous (and fabulously bad for you). It's called Casino's and their website is http://www.casinoscatering.com/. Their pizza is amazing and the fries are delicious. Hotdogs and Italian beef are popular with my coworkers.
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Portillo's is a fantastic answer, here. They cater most of their regular menu, plus a lot of the pastas and salads you can only get at some of their restaurants but not others. All very tasty.

Being way off in Ohio, now, I reaaaaally miss Portillo's.
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On re-reading my answer, it's going to look like I didn't see that you already mentioned Portillo's. What I meant is to be sure to consider more than just beef and hot dogs, from them - all the rest is super tasty, too!
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Nth-ing Portillo's. Friend of mine got Italian beef and stuff from them for New Year's parties a couple times - good stuff!
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It's all the way in Zion-Wadsworth, but Captain Porky's does great BBQ and seafood.
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Capt'n Nemo's makes the best subs and they make 6ft. sandwiches for catering.
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Growing up in NW Indiana (but geographically closer to Chicago than Naperville is), one of the must-haves that made a special dinner "special" was boned and buttered lake perch. I haven't lived there since 1982 but it's worth poking around for.
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If you go with Portillo's, be sure to get one of their chocolate cakes.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the recommendations. We went with Buona for the beef and Lou Malnati's for the deep dish.

Brown's would also have been a possibility that I had not thought of until it was recommended here.

All the other places mentioned have been added to my "must-try" soon list!

Thanks again!
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