Alan from The Hangover is NOT Admirable
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Examples of admirable fictional characters named Alan?

So, I've consumed a lot of media over the years and I've noticed that my first name is often used for nerdy or creepy characters. In fact, I can't think of any admirable fictional characters named Alan at all. Can you think of any?
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Allan Quatermain was a square jawed hunk though such heroes aren't thought politically correct these days.
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Alan Shore is a hoot.
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Lots of Alan at IMDB, can't all be bad.
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Best answer: Dr. Alan Grant from Jurassic Park

Alan Wake, from the video game of the same name

There's also a (human) Sesame Street character named Alan, who took over Mr. Hooper's store.
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Alan Eppes is a central character on Numb3rs due to being the main characters' dad. He's notably an activist who worked hard for things like more parks, sustainability, etc. He also worked as an urban planner which sounds a little nerdy but compared to the actual nerdy stereotypes on that show is nothing. (Of course, Numb3rs has been canceled, but it had a good run.)
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Alan Breck in Kidnapped has his faults like other folk, but he is brave and staunch and kind, God bless him!

Definitely not nerdy, he swordfights ten guys and wins, and then immediately writes a bragging song about it. SUCH a crush I have on that Alan..
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Alan is Tron's human alter ego. Although I suppose that also falls under nerdy.
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"Alan Brady", Rob's abrasive boss, played by Carl Reiner on "The Dick van Dyke Show" and based on Milton Berle.
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Alan Mendelssohn, the Boy from Mars. One of my absolute favourite books as a kid.
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There's Alan a Dale from Robin Hood ... who wikipedia tells me is the rooster narrator in the animated Disney film. Not creepy, possibly nerdy?
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Alanna from Tamora Pierce's Song of the Lioness series goes by Alan when she's disguised as a boy, for three of the four books. Still one of my favorite characters ever.

And I knew a real-life Allan who was one of the most amazing people ever to live: Allan Rosenfield, a giant in the world of public health, whose work and advocacy has saved more lives than we can ever imagine.

Maybe not exactly what you're looking for, but lots of people have good associations with the name!
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Chief Inspector Alan Banks, primary character in the terrific series of British police prodecurals by Peter Robinson.
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In Japanese anime, Allen is typically used for the heart-throb protagonist. So maybe the Japanese like the name Allen? I'm sure it sounds very exotic in non-western languages.

Here are some examples:

Allen Schezar from Vision of Escaflowne.

Alan from MAR

Allen Walker from D.Gray-man
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"Come back Alan you wanker!"

Alan! Alan! Alan!

Apologies if they're not heroic enough - they were the first two videos that popped into my head.
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Alan Scott is the original Green Lantern.
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Alan Pangborn is the Sheriff of Stephen King's Castle Rock. He's a good guy.
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Alan McLaurin from Ellen Douglas' The Rock Cried Out
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Seconding Alan Shore, who's one of my favorite characters of all time.
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Richard Stark's Alan Grofield is a professional actor and sometimes thief. The admirable part is that he only steals to finance his theater company. Unlike his sometimes partner Parker, who has neither a first name nor any redeeming qualities.
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Alan Parish from Jumanji.
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Alan Ryves in The Demon's Surrender!
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I always liked Alan-a-Dale, the badass minstrel from Robin Hood!
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I immediately thought of Alanna from the books by Tamora Pierce, who goes by the name Alan. When I was a kid, Alan was my favourite boy's name, and the name I would take when I disguised myself to become a knight. I don't know if I wanted to be Alan Mendolsohn, the boy from Mars, but I wanted to hang out with him. Alan-a-Dale was my favourite Robin Hood character (after Robin, of course).

Also, though he's played many villains, Alan Rickman is awesome and my favourite character of his is a hero.
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Alan Bennett isn't fictional, but sometimes has written fictionalised versions of himself into his work.

In England 'Alan' is seen as a fairly old fashioned name - like Nigel or Maurice, it belongs firmly to the over-50s. In Scotland and Wales (Alun) it's still pretty popular, and there are lots of cool French Alains. How about Alan B'Stard, the dastardly Tory from The New Statesman? Or Richard Beckinsale's character in Rising Damp?

I can also think of one famous fictional Alan...
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A stretch, but Roderick Alleyn, gentleman detective.
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Capt. Alan Carter, chief eagle pilot and head of reconnaissance section for Moonbase Alpha.
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If an extra L won't spoil the fun, don't miss Allen Quatermain.
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(Drat; thought I'd checked; oh well, enjoy the link.)
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Alan Partridge!
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Alan Partridge is not admirable.
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In the Song of Albion trilogy, Alun Tringard is an honored Celtic warrior.
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Alan Tracy!
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the great answers everyone!
Also thanks for confirming my suspicions that it's mostly television writers who besmirch the good name of Alans everywhere.
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