Sante Fe in August
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Sante Fe, NM in August: Yea or Nay?

Thinking about a trip there in August. Is the weather bearable? Is it overcrowded with tourists?
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Best answer: The weather is actually pretty good that time of year. It is Monsoon season and you can get some really awesome thunderstorms. Generally it is warm but not unbearable, anywhere from 70 to 90's depending on the day and usually pretty cool at night-sometimes down to 40. It is a high altitude deseret so dress accordingly. It is always crowded with tourists and you will get the new mexican tourist experience. It isn't bad but it isn't really what northern new mexico is like either, and not what it was 30 years ago. There are lots of really neat areas that do still offer that, Las Vegas, Cuba, Chamayo, Tierra Amarillo, and Madrid, but Santa Fe and Taos are for rich gringos that like knick knacks. I grow up hunting, fishing and mostly camping all over northern new mexico and am kinda nostalgic for the old, grinding poverty of new mexico. However the modern, clean version is actually more enjoyable. Las Alomas is worth a visit if you are a science geek to see the atomic museum their (they invented the atom bomb there). The road from las alamos to cuba is some the prettiest country you can find and goes through the old Baca Land Grant (that dates back to the King of Spain before their was even a Jamestown) that is now a conservation area. There is lots to see and enjoy and that time of year is just about the best time really and yes their will be crowds at the touristy spots but not too hard to get away from.
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It's pretty mild in the summer; the elevation is quite high. I think they're still getting monsoon afternoon thunderstorms in August so it cools things down nicely and the rain storms don't last very long. Santa Fe always has a lot of tourists but it's never so bad that it's a deal breaker.
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Lots of people there for Indian Market (one weekend) and it gets warm-near hot in the sun. Evenings usually cool down.
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Average temperature in August is 83° w/very low humidity - I spent a few days in Santa Fe in August 2008, and - as a D.C. resident, granted - found it pleasant.

There were quite a few tourists at most of the popular sites (e.g. the Basilica of Saint Francis and the New Mexico Museum of Art) that I went to.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys!
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only time of the year the weather is actually wonderful there. 85 degree days with cool nights. hotels and other lodging will be more expensive. camping is wonderful and if you reserve spots now or sometime soon, you can camp in beautiful northern new mexico forests that are literally only 7 miles from the city. (google Hyde Park State Park New Mexico) Yes there will be throngs of tourists in Santa Fe. I highly recommend a road trip along the High Road to Taos, breathtaking scenery along winding, two-lane mountain roads, most of which follows the Rio Grande. You can drive from SF to Taos in about 2 hours alongside this road. There's also a commuter train now, the Railrunner which connects Santa Fe to Albuquerque and even further south to Las Lunas for as little as $8. It's useful if you're flying into ABQ and headed up to Santa Fe without a car. Also, if you've never been at high altitude before (the city is at 7,200 feet, 2,000 feet higher than Denver) you might want to take your first days really easy. Altitude sickness is common for tourists who have always otherwise lived at sea level and a lot of urgent care clinics in the city cater to this market. Drink lots of water, eats lots of carbs and avoid alcohol.
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The Santa Fe Opera is a big tourist draw and its season this year is July 1 through August 27.
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Ge aware that if you go during Indiam Market, lodging is extremely scarce, and the prices are hiked up. Have fun!
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Gah! Be aware.
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I'm of the opinion that there is no bad time to see Santa Fe. We spent most of August there last year and loved it.
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