Is a Mul-T-Lock worth the Mul-T-Cost?
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Is a Mul-T-Lock worth it?

I have no doubt that a Mul-T-Lock cylinder is more durable and less easy to circumvent than a regular singe-cylinder. But, it's also about 3x the cost and keys are a hassle.

Is the extra security worth the extra cost, or is it simply a good upsell tool for locksmiths? This is for the well-lit front door of a multi-unit residential building.
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The main advantage for me, is that if I give someone a key, and then get it back, it is much less likely that they could have copied it.

You need the code# or the card, usually, (I know some people who can sweet-talk the locksmith into copying it anyway. That's only possible on certain older machines, and those are supposed to have been replaced. There are still a few of them around.
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What is behind the door?

Mul-T-Locks can be bumped and they can be picked but both require slightly more rare and expensive tools then your average Kwikset deadbolt.

Most robbers are just going to kick the door in or break a window anyway, but if you are expecting a skilled attack (perhaps corporate espionage or a government) then perhaps it is worth it, although if you are expecting a skilled attack it would be better to go with Abloy or Bilock.
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I have a client with these locks.
I always make a copy of client keys just in case, but I can't for them. And if I lose mine I'm out the money for a copy and it would pretty much kill the rest of my day.
However, I and everyone I know that can pick locks uses simple home made tools and it would seem you need a specialty tool to pick these. Just make sure you have an equally tough door. The best lock in the world is useless with a glass door or a flimsy jamb.
I will say that these locks are extremely satisfying to use.
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Upsell! There are cheaper locks to be had if you don't want the keys duplicated: Medeco, Schlage Primus, Best Cormax (full disclosure, I work for their parent). Mul T is the creme de la creme, and I've reverse engineered it and seen just how badass it is, but you pay for it. As long as you have a decent patented keyway lock it's all about the quality of the door.
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