Rock of Cashel art
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Where can I find a print or high-quality poster of this photo of Ireland's Rock of Cashel?

I am completely in love with this photo: the stormy sky, the sheep, the brooding landscape. It was included as one of the rotating desktop images in a downloadable Windows 7 theme. A google image search is inconclusive; the link above comes from here and Tineye only brings up this Getty Images stock photo repository. Of course, there are many other photos of this castle from different angles & times of day and so forth, but I would like this specific one to adorn my wall. Thanks MeFites for any leads!
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Here you go!
posted by Jinkeez at 6:37 AM on April 18, 2011

oops, didn't see you already had the Getty one, lol :) Sorry
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The photographer is Ed Freeman; here's the page on ordering prints from his personal site.

Otherwise, why don't you just call Getty and ask for a quote for a single print?
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I see the photographer is Ed Freeman: was just researching him a bit and have been looking at the same site you linked Admiral. I'm not positive that is the same person since this image isn't included in his online portfolio or his personal blog -- though the style is similar. Also if it is him, $500 to order a wall-size print is a bit steep for me.
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It's definitely the same Ed Freeman. I plugged some random data into Getty and got something like $284 for a print, but their prompts don't contemplate (as far as I saw) personal non-commercial use. Give them a call or use their live chat on the Getty site to see if you can come up with a lower quote. That image does not seem to be available on a mass-produced poster, or something like that.
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