Looking for long, colourful leather bracelets
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I really like the coloured leather bracelets in this photo from STREETFSN. Where can I get similar bracelets?

I think the Longchamp Veau Foulonné bracelet is similar, but I don't know if it's quite as long as those in the photo.
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Best answer: I think they're all Hermes bracelets. Left to right:

The Behapi Double Tour.

The Kelly Double Tour.

The Rivale Double Tour.

The Clic H.

"Double Tour" is Hermes' way of saying that the bracelet wraps around the wrist twice.
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Response by poster: Thanks!

Now if only they were a bit less expensive...
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Urban Outfitters has something similar and considerably cheaper.
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How about these?
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If you're interested in patterns as well as colors, Jon Wye recycles cuts from his graphic belts to make bracelets. The bracelets are one-of-a-kind, so they're not on the website - but if you email him and ask for a certain pattern, there's a very good chance he'll have it. (Full disclosure: Jon is a friend and design client - but I really like his stuff!)
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Also, some on Etsy.
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go to a thrift store - they tend to have lots of belts. just buy a few in colours that you like, cut them down to a bracelet length, and punch new holes. same look, waaaaay less money
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Yeah, I was going to say, these look like a lot of leather dog and cat collars I've seen. Just cut them to size; use a belt for a wider bracelet?
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xedrik, exactly - I was just coming back here to say that - any nice pet supply place will have lots of fancy collars that you could either get small ones and cut them down, or bigger ones and wrap them around twice.
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MUJI makes these leather strap double-wrap watch bands. You can buy the bands without the watch face: http://www.muji.eu/pages/online.asp?V=1&Sec=5&Sub=131&PID=699
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