What are these lists called?
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Is there a specific name for the McSweeneys-type quizzes / lists where the reader is asked to identify which category an item belongs in?

I'm referring to lists like this:


Is there a specific name for this type of game / quiz / list?
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Boringly, I think it's a "matching question," in which you are asked to match-up terms A1-A10 with category B1 or B2. (e.g.)
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Nothing will ever beat the Brunching Shuttlecock's "Porn Star or My Little Pony?". I can't actually find a link to it (brunching.com appears to be undergoing renovations), but I recall doing rather less well than random chance would declare possible.

I think on "Brunching" they were called "This or That".
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In the game You Don't Know Jack, these are called "Dis or Dat"s
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It's Never Lurgi, lore will know if the Brunching Shuttlecocks' stuff is still on the internets somewhere.
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