Bosch Dishwasher Drain Noise
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I've got a Bosch SHU9915UC/U11 dishwasher that makes a really loud noise a few times during the wash cycle. The noise comes during the draining cycle(s). It's loud and I think I might even hear some grinding noises. It does drain, and there is no water left inside when the cycle is complete, but I could do without all of the extra noise. I've located a replacement pump online, but before I buy I just want to get a few second opinions as to what you think the problem might be. Thanks!
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Why not try popping the hoses off the pump, see if there's some kind of obstruction that's intruding? Might not solve the problem, but it will tell you if there's an immediate non-pump defect.

Something similar happened with my washing machine, and it ended up not being the pump, but my tendency to not remove drill bits from my clothing.
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Is this a new dishwasher, or new to you? Was it completely silent at one time, but now makes this noise?

If it is new to you, it might just be the garbage disposal within the unit grinding while draining. (Based on my experience selling appliances for a couple of years I think most Bosch DW have disposals, but a cursory Google search and look at Bosch's website doesn't give me specs on this model).
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The diagram on Sears Parts lists a Motor as well as a Pump Motor so that may support postel's laws speculation.

I'd take a poke around inside as there will be a number of points that can give access to some of these places for cleaning and you may just have some crud in there.

Maybe you could try some other programs and see if they show up any difference in behavior.
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Yeah, without any other info, loud grinding during the draining cycle sounds like the normal action of a dishwasher's built-in disposal to me. But I don't know anything about that model or dishwashers other than the one I have.
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It could be that some un-grindable bit is stuck in the built-in disposal. I can't tell by the diagram azlondon links to where it is located. Most dishwasher disposers are easily accessed by disassembling the drain cover on the bottom of the tub. I'd start there.
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