Help me buy a unique frame (or ten) online...
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Are there any good resources online to buy unique picture frames online? Where else can one find good frames for 4x6 photos (or slightly bigger) for a large travel collage. I don't want to use the same frame more than once, and I'm happy to buy from several different stores.

I'm looking to frame a bunch of travel photos for a wall collage. Most will be a standard photo size, some will be enlarged but only slightly. However, I'm looking to find interesting frames, each one different than the next. Google searching turns up a ton of framing stores with very generic ugly frames.

I've already started my search in flea markets and a few local framing stores around Toronto (I've seen this thread). However, if I could mail order a bunch of individual frames, I'd love that.

Things I like include the old wood weathered look, metals, and anything a bit unique. Looking to frame things individually, not in a group of 3 or anything like that.
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Thrift stores like Goodwill and the Salvation Army typically stock a wide variety of unique, inexpensive picture frames. I think the size you're looking for will be easy to find there.
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Maybe buy lots of cheap simple frames [IKEA has 4x6 plain wood frames for no more than $1 with glass, IIRC], invite some friends over and bedazzle them.
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