A theme that rocks ?
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[Wordpress filter] I like the looks of www.rollingstone.com and I am trying to look for a theme that can get me there.

I found one of the elegant themes http://www.elegantthemes.com/preview/Magnificent/ to be very similar, but I have been told their themes are not the fastest - and speed/quality coding is a requisite for me.

Searching for themes in Google is useless and in the "usual suspects" (themeforest, elegantthemes, upthemes, mojothemes, studiopress) I can't find anything that servers me.

Any help ?

Going the freelance route I am not sure - as I am available to spend around 200$ (MAX!) for having it personalized as I want it but I don't trust the coding of the people on freelance.com and it seems that other firms are much more expensive (like 10x)

thank you
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How about something like MagZine?
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Response by poster: MagZine is nice, but is free and not updated since 2009. That is one of the things i mean by "quality of coding" : paying for premium I get access to support and updates, which are mostly not the case in free themes. This MagZine is up to wordpress 2.7 and therefore not supporting some of the newest wordpress features.
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Basic Maths might do the trick for you - well designed (by the former nytimes.com design director), well supported and updated, and it uses a newspaper/magazine-like grid. I think you could get reasonable close to what you're looking for after a few font and border changes...
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I'd troll through Smashing Magazine's Wordpress category to see if anything jumps out at you. Here's their best themes of 2010 picks.

I don't have any pointers offhand, but there are some "fully widgetized" themes out there, where even your primary content is delivered through a widget. That should give you a lot of flexibility. Together with the query posts widget, you could do some interesting stuff that way. Some of the other stuff on the Rolling Stones front page (like the image carousel) could probably be delivered through a plugin rather than inherent in a theme.

If you're concerned about speed, use WP Super Cache.
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