Looking for a sewing pattern to match the USA Women's World Cup uniforms
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I would like to find a sewing pattern to make a shirt as close to this as possible.

I particularly like the piping down the front and the v-neck shirt look.

I have found this (warning: PDF), which could work with a fair amount of tweaking, but if anyone has anything closer, that'd be groovy.

Bonus points if the pattern is written for a vast array of women's sizes.
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Well, I did find this. The "A" pattern would still require tweaking (cutting down the collar) and you'd have to add the piping, but at least it has cap sleeves and a more tailored torso. Not sure if this helps or not!
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Kwik Sew has good activewear patterns, and there are a couple (here and here) that you could maybe morph together to get a similar effect.
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What about this one from Jalie Patterns? It looks pretty fitted and has a zip-up front. I don't know if the collar is right, but it looks close.
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