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Where to spend a week in June near or between Cleveland and Columbus.

I have two weddings in June, a week apart, in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. Rather than go back and forth to the east coast each weekend, I thought it might be a good idea to just stay in (one of) the area(s).

I haven't decided whether I'd be working remotely or taking that week as a vacation (it depends how great/fun/lame a location I can find, who goes with me, etc). Either way, the main requirement is that it's somewhere that I can bring the dogs, ideally a place where I can rent a little cottage or house that allows dogs (rather than a hotel) and some place where I can walk them (or even let them run).

Some things I'd look and/or settle for:
Able to bring dogs (requirement)
Able to rent a little private place
Near water or beautiful nature
Resort-y place with a pool and stuff
Interesting sightseeing recommendations

Any suggestions?

An aunt suggested Buckeye Lake. Any comments on that?
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The Hocking Hills area is relatively near Columbus, and beautiful.
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If you want to see and do things as well as relax, I recommend the Arena District or the Short North areas in Columbus. From there you would be near:

Goodale Park - A very pet-friendly park where people bring their pets for off-leash play (no fence but the park is large)
The Columbus Clippers - minor league baseball with a very nice new park
North Market - awesome food market

Columbus has many great parks, some of them riverfront. There are always a ton of things going on in the summer so you could see what events will be going on during your stay. More info here.
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I grew up in Cleveland, but my family really didn't take vacations, but those who did spoke highly of kelly's island for this type of thing. Also, I've heard wonderful things about hawking hills near Columbus. I've heard nice things about put in bay too.
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I'd put in a vote for the Lake Erie shore and/or islands. On the shore, the Marblehead area has a lot of cottages on the beach. Most are small, private places. Also, the area around the Cedar Point Causeway has a fair number of cottages for rent. I would stay away from Sandusky, as Sandusky has more touristy places to stay, mostly hotels for people headed to Cedar Point. Also, Sandusky isn't particularly pretty.

Better yet would probably be the Lake Erie islands. Put-in-Bay (South Bass Island) tends to be more of a party island. Expect a lot of drunks stumbling around between midnight and 3am. Kelleys Island is more family-friendly. The only "party area" would be where the bars are located on the south part of the island. If you go to either of these islands keep a couple things in mind:

Any supplies are expensive on the island, bring lots of groceries. If you drink liquor: there are no liquor stores on the islands, buy ahead of time (does not apply to beer, wine). Gas is especially expensive, fill up before going across. The restaurants are overpriced, but not too badly. Ferry waits are worst in the afternoons, especially Friday (going to the island) and Sunday (leaving the island). Speed limit is 25, follow it.
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Yellow Springs is awesome. When I lived in the area we used to take day trips to eat in the local restaurants, and then take the dogs to run in Glen Helen Nature Preserve or John Bryan State Park, both of which are stunningly beautiful and include gorgeous nature and water. I've never stayed in the Arthur Morgan House but I've heard from friends that it was really nice and you could walk to everything. I'm sure there's also private houses to rent. If you go in the summer the farmer's market will be open too!

Hocking Hills is pretty, too, but I don't recall it being as gorgeous or unique as Yellow Springs.
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Dayton, near Columbus, has the airforce air museum, which I think is awesome.

In columbus in June ComFest (Community Festival) and Origins (Board Gaming and Role Playing Convention) both happen, typically the same week.
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