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I applied for a job with the wrong phone number - how to fix?

I recently applied for a job, which directed applicants to send a resume, cover letter, and list of references to HR at a certain email address. My list of references has a heading that's the same as the one on my resume: name, phone number, email address, etc.

After I clicked "send," I realized that my references list still had my old phone number on it (although my resume had the current one). How do I fix this? I'm afraid that if I email them again, it will just draw attention to the error and I'll get put in the "reject" pile automatically.

I did receive an email reply stating they had received my application and if they wanted an interview, they'd call me. Should I just reply back with a note about the phone number? Or should I assume they'll use the number on my resume and not look at the references unless they actually decide to hire me?
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More than likely they'll use your resume, not your reference sheet, for contact information. But I don't think there's any actual real harm in calling and making sure they're aware of your correct contact information.
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Instead of a "sorry about the typo" approach, try "I've recently updated my phone number; here's a current resume." Best case: it'll get an extra once-over.
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If your resume has the correct number don't worry about it. They aren't even going to look at your references until after at least one interview anyway. Hell, I absolutely refuse to provide references until I know I am on the short list to get an offer. My references are busy people. I don't want them fielding more reference calls that absolutely necessary.
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"Thank you for getting back to me. I am in the process of changing phone numbers, so I'd like to confirm that you've got my correct contact information on file; my phone number is ###-###-####, and my email address is

Again, thank you for your time,

- Pompatus Of Love."
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Like others have mentioned, what really matters here is tone, rather than content.

Saying, "This is a total mistake, and it's all my fault! I'm so sorry, but please use this phone number. Again, my sincere apologies!" makes you sound desperate, disorganized, and kind of needy. Even THIS probably wouldn't get your application immediately thrown in the trash, but it may put a bad taste in a reviewer's mouth.

On the other hand, saying something like mhoye suggests sounds mature, well-prepared, and on top of things. It shows you care about the application and know how to handle small problems like this. If the person who reads the e-mail has any control over your application, it'll just seem to them like a small, appropriate inquiry.

Chances are, it won't make one lick of difference either way... But it's a good way to double check what they have listed for you.
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Another option might be to call your old number and see if anyone answers. If so, ask them to take a message for you!
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Only checking in to agree with what others have said (mention it in a casual, responsible tone) because I've done the same thing before, and I've now been with the company for almost 5 years now. I think people change their phone numbers a lot more now that they used to do and this is especially true for younger people who are applying for jobs, so you're not alone.
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