"White Person as Other"?
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"White Person As Other" - looking for a book with a similar title, about how white Europeans have been seen/portrayed by other cultures.

A while ago, my girlfriend and I were browsing a used book store in Fort Bragg, CA, and stumbled upon a book about the portrayal of white Europeans by other cultures. Though it looked interesting, we foolishly didn't buy it or write down the title or authors. Lately I've been thinking about it, and want to try to track it down. We believe the title was something like, "White Person as Other", though this has not yielded much from Google or Google Books. Has anyone run across this book? If so, what is the actual title and author(s)?
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The title's quite different, but I recently saw The History of White People in a bookstore, which sounds thematically similar.
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If you enjoy the ideas that the book raised, you may enjoy this satirical 'shoe-on-the-other-foot' documentary on the colonisation of Australia - Barbeque Area (Babakiueria) Pt 1, Pt 2 & Pt 3.
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Not exactly the same book, dhartung, but very close! Thanks for the other recommendations too, they look great!
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