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Help me coordinate my digital ecosystems

I am being migrated from Novell WinXP over to Windows 7 using Outlook. I use macs at home and google services. What are the best tips or advice for the following:

* Must have tools, apps, widgets and utilities for Windows 7

* How to sync Windows 7, OS X and My cloud services?

* iPad person as well, what apps would you find helpful in this mixed system?

I have been using dropbox for my files and Google calendar but am willing to do it all in Outlook if it synchs between Google and my iCalendar. I also use an iPad so if you have some advice there that would rock too.
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I am guessing it's just too broad of a question to get many responses. However, your first sentence includes the buzzword of 2011 that makes me want to scream when I read or hear it - "ecosystem." Argggh.

Dropbox. That one application will allow you to sync your files between systems flawlessly. Great iOS app, too.
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Response by poster: I already sync work files between my xp box and mac using dropbox. I am more concerned about trying to get the outlook calendars and emails to sync between google services and the two boxes (windows 7 and osx). Unfortunately, CalDav is unreliable, I have found for Google Calendar using iCalendar and Apple Mail.

Hmm..I do try to avoid buzzwords but it is a mixed environment and I am somewhat crabby from having to work around so much.
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Convince your office to switch from an Exchange server to Google Apps.

I realize this is probably futile, but I've had zero cross-platform issues since leaving Exchange.
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To sync your calendars from outlook, you'll want to install google calendar sync on the Win7 box. iCal will sync to google fine, but outlook requires this add-on. Of course, if you're already using google for calendars, and can avoid outlook (I would if I could...), then just do that.
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