Evolution book title?
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I can't remember the title of a very thorough "defense of evolution" type book. It presented hundreds of arguments used against evolutionary theory and argued against them, usually only with a paragraph or two. It was large, detailed, straightforward, and non-polemical.
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The closest thing I can think of to what you describe is the Index of Creationist claims on the TalkOrigins archive. It has also been published as a book, The Counter-Creationism Handbook. Perhaps that's what you saw?

Jerry Coyne's Why Evolution is True and Ken Miller's Only a Theory address several arguments used by creationists, but not hundreds of them.
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Response by poster: Yes, it was the CCH, thanks a bunch.
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For reference, a really useful online resource for this is TalkOrigins.
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Oops. sorry. I see brianogilvie sub-linked to TalkOrigins already. Carry on!
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