How to move rows in a table in google docs?
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Any way to move rows within a table in a google docs document?

Using the current version of google docs, in a regular document (not a spreadsheet or a presentation) I can't find any way to rearrange rows in a table. Is there something I'm missing? If I cut and paste, the entire contents of the "cut" row end up in the destination cell, rather than as a normal row. Any suggestions or workarounds please!

(We're using google docs tables as a task tracker because other solutions have been rejected, so the ability to move rows to re-prioritize is essential.)
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Instead of right clicking on the first cell in the row to paste, right click on the row number
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Oh, or I could actually read what you posted, about a regular doc with a table, not a spreadsheet.

Does it happen if you select the whole row and paste as opposed to just the first cell?
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I have been experimenting, and don't see a way to do this.
Since you asked for "suggestions", can you explain why you are using a gDoc instead of a gSpreadsheet? Maybe we can solve this for you by making a spreadsheet do what you need (as it effortlessly reorganizes rows -- you can just drag/drop). What does a document do that a spreadsheet cannot?
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We're using a gDoc not a gSpreasheet for three reasons:
1 - Other collaborators are more comfortable/familiar with it,
2 - It's a relatively informal document, and the ability to include larger sections as blocks of text instead of tables in the row.
3 - Some cells have bullets/numbered lists that I can't do in a gSpreadsheet.

We're using gDoc instead of a regular word doc that has this capability because it's often a document that multiple people are editing as the same time.

Thanks for any other ideas, though.
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