And little fleas have lesser fleas, and so, ad infinitum
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After my six-year-old read What's Eating You?, a kid's book about parasites, we had the question: Which animal has the most recursive number of parasites, and how many levels deep can it go?
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if you read John Baez's subcellular life forms, you can see that even viruses have parasites...
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Mitochondria are possibly built-in parasites! Also, are you only looking for parasites (organisms that benefit at the expense of their host), or are you including symbiotic relationships benefiting both?
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So, naturalists observe, a flea
Has smaller fleas that on him prey;
And these have smaller still to bite ‘em;
And so proceed ad infinitum.

Apparently, this phenomenon is called hyperparasitism.

Cursory googling for quaternary hyperparasitism indicates that some insect parasitic relationships have at least four levels, so I guess that'd be a good starting point.
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