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Where can I find the raygun (or one similar to it) that James Iha is using in this video
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Hmm. That's definitely a Worlds of Wonder Lazer Tag helmet, but the gun...?
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Looks like a variation of Worlds of Wonder Lazer Tag. Maybe a knock off or later model?
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Fun question.

I don't know what to call them but I know that gun. It was a cheap plastic toy that ran on a battery. It had those old school LEDs you can see pulsing and it had a sound chip and speaker that made that classic piezo electronic sound effect. That's the source of the crunch-PEEYoow sound in the video. It was a common sound in the small handheld electronic noise-making devices of the late 80s. The most common devices sold for like, around 5 bucks and came with three sounds: the machine gun, the "bombs away" and the phaser or laser sound. The gun in the video is using the laser sound.

I can't seem to find anything that matches it exactly, but there are things. The closest match and I'd say THAT'S IT except for the possible difference in the number of lights is this. It even has a video but it lacks the sound that would give positive ID. That particular gun shows up for sale on a couple different websites for $65 or an offer. :(

If it's just the sound you're after I bet you can get something like this and I can almost guarantee that it has that sound effect on it.

It was a very simple toy. It was just a plastic case with battery leads in the handle and those LEDs along the toy of the barrel. A lot of the same innards were sold with different plastic shells, but alas, they were so generic a toy that I can't name exactly the thing you want.
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