Quality at a Low Price?
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I'm asking this on behalf of a friend. She is looking to get a computer in =< $600 range. It is for a mother (college papers; Web and email) and six year old child (games for kids).

The mom is not at all tech savvy. There will be no wireless network (she'll be using a cable modem directly), and it is unlikely she'll be able to get to any tech support if something goes wrong. My friend will be ordering online and sending it to her. My friend is very concerned about the quality of the computer, but the budget is fairly fixed. One thing that doesn't matter is much is whether it's a laptop or a desktop. However, if it's a desktop then she'll need a monitor.

If anyone can help my friend get the most bang for the buck, it would be most appreciated. Thanks!
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Best answer: There are some pretty decent all-in-one desktops that don't require as pricy compact components as a laptop would. Check out Lenovo's IdeaCentre series, or possibly Acer's All in One Z3/Z5 computers. Then its a sealed unit without a lot of cables/parts, etc. Also, if you install LogMeIn someone can do remote support without the user having to do much.
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Also, HP has a pretty robust line of AiO PCs.
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If you watch Woot, they have good deals on computers every couple of weeks or so. I bought a refurbed HP for $400 and a 25' monitor for $200 from them.

They've actually got a 'gaming pc' right now for $579. But that's probably overpowered for what she wants.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! :-)
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Newegg also has all-in-one PCs at a variety of price points.
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Look also at J&R.
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How about a used one of craigslist that you can just reload? You could get a system that someone is upgrading from for a deal.
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