Passport renewal during gov't shutdown?
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Will my passport get renewed at the US Embassy in Tokyo even if the federal government shuts down?

I am living in Japan and recently applied by mail to renew my US passport. The process normally takes about a month. No info on Dept of State or embassy websites, but NYT said that if the gov't shuts down "all passport renewal applications will be put on hold". However, NPR said that the US Embassy in Tokyo will remain open due to the recent disasters. BUT the address I sent my passport to was a military (APO) address so I'm not sure where my passport actually went.

(When I called the embassy yesterday they said all information I was asking for was on the website. I looked but I couldn't find any answers. I couldn't call back because offices had already closed for the weekend.)
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Embassies will remain open and emergency passports will be processed. Embassies/consulates will also help "distressed" US citizens abroad. Not sure what counts as distressed.

Sounds to me like if you count as distressed or an emergency, you'll be processed. If not...maybe not so much.
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This article also claims that "emergency" passport services will be provided.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys. Looks like I may be in the clear!
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Actually, if you're just happening to renew your passport normally, you might be stuck, since I was told they renewed my passport in the US and shipped it to Japan.
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