Need new driver's license STAT!
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Lost driver's license in Minneapolis and need to rent a car for work. Help!

So I just started a brand new job and of course had to find some absurd way to screw up. Here's the deal:

This Tuesday, for my work, I need to rent a car in Minneapolis and drive to Duluth. To do this, I will most certainly need a driver's license. But today, Friday, at the gym after work, somebody stole my wallet.

So the earliest I can get to the DMV would be first thing Monday morning. Which I can do. But I'm worried that they won't issue my new license on the spot. This would likely screw me over at the car rental place the following day.

Does anyone have recent experience with a lost driver's license in Minneapolis? Do they issue a new license on the spot, or do you need to wait a number of days for one to arrive in the mail?

The Driver and Vehicle Services website says that there's no need for a new photo, that they'll pull your old one from their files. But does that mean that they create the new card right then and there?

If not, I'm assuming one could get a temporary license or some type of paper work that would allow them to drive. My worst-case-scenario plan is to call the car rental place tomorrow (they're of course closed on Friday nights) and see if they might accept such temporary paperwork.

This is the first time any employer has trusted me to travel on the company dime, and I do not want to screw this up.

Any other ideas? Is it possible I shouldn't be freaking out so much? Help!
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You might consider having a friend rent the car for you as a last resort...
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Is it possible I shouldn't be freaking out so much?

yes. I do not know about your state, but in Maryland you get one on the spot if you have all your paperwork. You will probably have to cough up a fee. Check your state's motor vehicle website. Relax, it happens all the time.
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FWIW, You get a new one in PA on the spot, too. As long as you have your paperwork.
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They will not issue you your license on the spot. They will give you a paper showing you you have a valid license. If you have a passport that would work with it too for picture ID if they need that. They say 4-6 weeks for a new license, but I got mine in 5 business days about a week ago.
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I should say that I'm in Minneapolis, so my info is Minnesota relevant.
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I recently rented a car without a license or credit card on me. (I had forgotten my wallet at home, so I asked my husband to tell me my license number and credit card). I told my sob story to the rental place (it was more than an hour away from home so I really couldn't drive all the way home and back) and they were ok with me just telling them the numbers. Worth a try if all other suggestions fail! (and you havearecord somewhere of your license #)
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You might also contact the state department of motor vehicles and tell them your issue. They may provide some type of verification by phone to a rental place that you are licensed etc.
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I have rented cars in MN (I am in Duluth) with just the temporary license before. It is a yellow piece of paper you keep folded up in your wallet. It wouldn't hurt to bring a passport if you have one, but I seriously doubt you will need it.
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(oh and I am sure they will give you the temp lisc on Monday as well)
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In Minneapolis, you will get a yellow piece of paper when you go to the DMV, not a new license on the spot. The actually license will be mailed to you. The paper is valid for operating a motor vehicle. I'm guessing the rental place will be fine with the paper + photo id, but I don't have actual experience with that.
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