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I'm meeting up with family in Paris this June, and I'd like to spend a week or so travelling alone beforehand. Can you suggest inexpensive destinations with the following requirements?

  • My flight to Paris is paid for, so I'd like to find a place that is easy/cheap to get to from there.
  • I'm a woman, and I'd like to find a place that is, or feels, safe.
  • I'd like this place to be peaceful, laid-back, and have pleasant scenery and warm-to-hot weather (in the first week of June).
  • I'd like this place to offer something to do, in case I get bored reading and lying around (it could happen). Shopping, museums, and sightseeing are examples of things I like to do.
  • Cheap accommodation (but not hostels) would be great.
Of course, 'cheap' is relative. An example of a place that almost fits my needs is Alicante, Spain - I've never been there but from what I've heard, it only lacks the "something to do" part.

Thanks for your suggestions!
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Barcelona is easy to get to from there, it's not cheap but it caters to every level of tourist, and it's wonderful.
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Best answer: Cheap is going to be difficult, but let me suggest Languedoc. It's definitely cheaper than staying in Paris, the TGV will get you there right from CDG if you wish, and it will probably be nice and warm then. Towns worth considering: Montpéllier if you like the urban scene; Gruissan if you like the "summer beach town" feel; Collioure if you like a relatively artsy beach area. There are all kinds of settlements along the coast. Avoid Port La Nouvelle, though, it's ugly. Mail for more specifics.
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How about Bilbao, Spain? A friend of mine traveled there by herself from Paris (I think she traveled through most of Spain, in fact) and had no problems.
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